About Kanary

    Last updated: 2020-06-29

    Kanary helps you protect your digital identity. You may be dealing with spam, trolls, or harassment like our founders did before starting Kanary. Or maybe you've forgotten about various digital fragments of your life and how they could impact you. Hundreds of apps and websites make it convenient for you to share information. How do you know which are safe?

    You could spend hundreds of hours searching, opting out, and sending emails to get your information removed. Or you could try Kanary and tackle your biggest risks in less than 5 minutes.

    Kanary is a 'Swiffer' for your online presence. We scour the internet for sites posting data about you - your home address, phone numbers, old photos, leaked passwords and emails. We consider that your online presence, preferences, and risks are unique to you. Then we remove information that puts your privacy and security at risk. All you do is press go.

    Think you aren't at risk? Most people don't. But being proactive about your privacy protects your entire community. That public Instagram of your vacation to Greece in 2019? One quick search to find your grandmother's phone number, and an extortionist can craft a compelling argument for her to wire “you” $20,000 for a foreign hospital bill.

    Privacy is a team sport. Kanary lets you include verifiable community and family information to monitor with your own. Everyone's information is interconnected, and looking out for yourself protects everyone.

    Kanary is made with love in Chicago, Illinois by a team of engineers, analysts, and data scientists. Learn more about our work and technology on our FAQ.