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What is Kanary?

Kanary protects your digital privacy and identity. You may be dealing with spam, trolls, or harassment like our founders did before starting Kanary. Or maybe you want to be proactive about pieces of your online presence that could impact you. Where do you start?

We believe technology can be both private and convenient. Our mission is to empower you to stop the spread of your information. All you need is an email to get started.

How Kanary Works

1. Secure

Start with emails, phone #s, addresses. We secure and never share them.

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2. Scan

Kanary checks our library of risky sites for data matching your information.

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3. Remove

Prioritizes your risks, lets you decide, then sends removal requests.

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Kanary is trusted by:

  • Forward Thinking Founders
  • ITEGA Privacy Beat
  • Mozilla Foundation
  • Women Tech Founders
  • Y Combinator Startup School

Why protect yourself with Kanary?

Kanary finds your information across a constantly growing list of 2,000 + sites. We add new sites every time we scan the web and any time a Kanary members makes a suggestion.

Kanary prioritizes your highest risk sites and lets you remove yourself from them with one click. Not all information is equally risky. We prioritize urgent and sensitive removal requests and show you what we're doing every step of the way.

Sometimes we can't remove information we find about you. In those cases we ask for your help, offer shortcuts, and do what we can to mitigate the risk.

Kanary is affordable for you and your community - less than $10 per month. We believe privacy and regaining control over personal information should be accessible to everyone.

Who’s using Kanary?

To prevent scams

"I had no idea what these profiles were. I'm glad this creepy information is no longer out there!"

- Natalie, Grandmother
To save time

"I was trying to do this myself. I had a list of like 300+ background check sites, mugshot databases, data brokers. This saves me a bunch of time and tackles new risks every month."

- Mark, Dedicated Redditor
To control your image

"I really like being a member of Kanary, and am so happy with the removals. I'm sensitive to people sharing information about me."

- Carlie, Tech Executive
To prevent ID theft

"Love the service, am not so afraid of any sort of identity theft anymore. Thank you for your help."

- Roy, California Resident

What To Expect


Average # sites found per person


Of sites expose community & family information too


Sites found exposing personal data

We’re Here To Help

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