Stop spammers, brokers, hackers and trolls.

Kanary finds and removes your information from unwanted websites and old accounts.


All you need is an email.

How Kanary works.



You share your email. Kanary secures it and never uses it beyond the scan.



Kanary checks over 1,000 indexed sites for data matching your email.



Kanary lets you know the sites found and sends removal requests.

Privacy is paramount.

Kanary uses the information you share to scan public and private websites for matching data and submit opt out or deletion requests where possible.

Kanary will never use or share your personal information, public or private, for any other purpose. This is our policy for all of our products, including the free service. We believe people should be aware of what's out there about them without having to sign away control over their information.

Subscribers and contributors help us keep the lights on and improve our ability to find and remove information quickly. Thank you! As we develop, publish, and open source new methods of finding and removing online information, we'll share them on our subreddit - feel free to comment if you'd like to share opinions or ask a question.

What Kanary scans.

A snapshot of a constantly growing list.

Data Brokers

Background Checks, Search People Free, Spokeo, Infotracer, Been Verified, People Looker, White Pages, Yellow Pages...and many more.

Hacker Sites

Pastebin, Ogusers, Nuclear leaks, Pastefs, Paste2,, Vavilon, Markmail, Cyberleets, V3rmillion...and many more.

App Accounts

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, AskFM, Github, BitBucket, Ebay, Etsy, Telegram, Twitch, Venmo, Cash App...and many more.


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