Email Is Your Biggest Risk

You share it 100x a week, but with who?

When hackers, advertisers, and companies collect and scrape your email, they can quickly find your name, home address, family information, passwords - even social security number. You might be an easy target.

Remove Your Risks
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Protect Your Privacy With One Click

Kanary actively monitors hundreds of thousands of websites for your personal information and removes it from any website that puts you and your loved ones at risk.

Protect your information with one click. Kanary handles the rest.

Remove Your Risks

When It Matters Most

"Kanary looks out for me and my parents

since we don't talk about our privacy very often. The truth is not everyone is acting in our best interest."

- Ibrahim

"I shouldn't have to worry about sharing my ideas online

with my community and friends. If someone disagrees with me, it will be much harder for them to threaten my physical safety."

- Kate

"If you google me, you should see my new business

not my personal address, phone number, and spouse's information. Kanary got rid of the information that could create problems in the future."

- Morey

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Who We Work With

  • Forward Thinking Founders
  • Hackernoon
  • Mozilla Foundation
  • ITEGA Privacy Beat
  • Us News
  • Y Combinator Startup School

How It Works

With Kanary, you get started with just an email, see your results as Kanary works, and continue to have your information removed across any risky sites. Kanary learns which sites are most risky as it scans the web on behalf of all Kanary users.

Submit your email & other information step 1 Step 1
Select the risks for Kanary to remove step 2 Step 2
Review progress & make changes step 3 Step 3
Get notified as your info is removed step 4 Step 4

What To Expect


Average # sites found per person


Of sites expose community & family information too


# sites responding to removals

We’re Here To Help

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