Stories about privacy, identity, and life online.

A Conversation With A State's Department Of Justice

This is post 3 of a 3-part series about real world privacy threats. We talked with members of a State Department of Justice about the resources they provide communities and those suffering from harassment, stalking, and abuse.

Because of the sensitive nature of their work, we aren’t sharing their personal …

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From Pitchforks To Keyboards

This is post 2 of a 3-part series about real world privacy threats.

How To Respond To Justice Seekers And Surveillance

Since the dawn of media, public figures have been followed closely and publicly ostracized for sharing their views, having a bad take on a social issue or simply nothing …

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Resources For Emergencies

Our team continues to compile a list of resources to use in the case of emergency. General guidance is to make sure a report gets on file with local law enforcement. If things escalate to legal charges, having a paper trail and records is critical for the law to work …

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Kanary V2

Launching a new and improved Kanary.

It's been 9 months since we posted on Reddit about the initial idea for Kanary. We wanted to see if others saw the problems we saw with existing privacy services. Since that post and initial encouragement, we've been building software, learning from feedback, and …

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4 Tips For Handling Privacy Threats On Social Media

This is post 1 of a 3-part series about real world privacy threats.

Twitter Fame And Viral Posts

A friend of mine became Twitter famous senior year of college. She found her niche roasting the self-obsessed 'wife guys' in her classes, the same types she'd soon work with as a …

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Real World Privacy Threats & How To Prepare


A certain type of story gets the headlines when it comes to online privacy and security. A dark web crime ring gets busted. A network of hacktivists is trying to take down an oppressive regime while wearing Guy Fawkes masks. A celebrity leaks revealing photos and gets extorted …

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What To Ask Before Downloading A Contact Tracing App

Imagine Any Other Winter Before This One

Instead of a global pandemic, flu season is in full swing and everyone needs to get their vaccine. Last week it looked like all your coworkers were home sick or sniffling. You get a message from your insurance provider about an app they're …

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How to Wash Your Virtual Hands for 20 Seconds


Life has moved online. You may be video chatting for work or surfing for a new gig online. Local restaurants, shops, and theatres are asking you to buy a gift card, create an account with another new password, or download yet another app. Of course, you are extra careful …

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