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Kanary scans the internet, shows which sites expose your information, and helps you protect your safety and wellbeing by removing it.

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Remove personal information from over 1,000 websites.

In the wrong hands, personal information like home addresses, names, emails, passwords, and phone numbers put you and your loved ones at risk. That's why Kanary helps you quickly remove your private information once it's discovered. At any point, you can suggest a site for us to investigate and remove. We're on it.

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"People like you built Firefox. People like you will write the next amazing chapter of the internet. Privacy over profit. No data for sale."

Builders by Mozilla, creators of Firefox

"By the time a company reports a data breach, it’s too late for the user to defend themselves. Kanary helps users automatically remove sensitive information that is at risk of being stolen with just one click."

Fred D - Forbes, Senior Contributor

"Submitting removal requests takes hours of tedious management and follow up. Businesses make it difficult on purpose. Kanary provides a solution to this problem and finds and removes information about you online."

Bill D - ITEGA Privacy Beat

"Kanary, DeleteMe, OneRep, Optery, Removaly, Reputation Defender, and all offer different opt-out services. Of these options, I have personally paid for and had good experiences with DeleteMe and Kanary."

Yael G - Creator of Big Ass Data Broker Opt Out List

I’m so relieved to not see my home address and kids’ information on Google.

James - Washington, USA

Monitor for new risks with 1 click.

From finding your first risk to keeping your info offline, you'll see details about what Kanary finds and learn what you can do about it. We believe that protecting your privacy doesn't have to be complicated. That's why we do the work of finding, monitoring, and complaining to thousands of sites that may be violating your privacy.

If getting your information removed from a site is difficult, our support team is here to work with you to escalate privacy violations and take action to protect what matters most.

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Members can share additional context to help us take down exposed information. Only email is required. You choose to share what you're comfortable sharing.


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As Kanary crawls the web it finds new sites and risks. Every scan improves our ability to remove information for every member.


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We show you what we find and remove. At any point, you can suggest a site for us to investigate and remove. We're on it.


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